It would be EXTREMELY nice to see fixes to existing problems rather than a new realm each week. Kings orders are now a total waste of time, not to mention you still have not addressed the issue of returning gems to those that spent them on upgrading kings orders. The realms are so popuLESS that food is now a major issue. The Casino is as much of a joke as the "Wheel" on age 1. Refreshing gives you one HUGE surprise as you never know what is going to be in your barracks when you relog. Loss of resources goes along with that. Still freezes when your in battle, I mean it goes on and on. In the beginning you actually addressed some of these issues but you have since let that go.

I realize you are in this for the money but at some point you need to address real concerns with the game and not your pocketbook. Your marketing dept. seems to work wonderfully well - now what the hell happened to the programers????? They go on strike????