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Thread: Billed for something I did not get or selected to purchase

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    Billed for something I did not get or selected to purchase

    Not sure where and who this would go to, but today I received a receipt for payment via email at 1401 - document number 195364557034 - I received notification from my bank at 0930 that a payment was made - I was not on the game at that time - I was on early morning around 0530-0630 but did not select anything to purchase - I am not sure why I was billed $15.81CAN - Also there was nothing in my game inbox to indicate I received product from my said purchase - and the magic chest and purchase event does not indicate I have purchased anything - I do admit I do make purchase every once and a while - but today was not one of those days, I need this correct ASAP please. If you cannot reverse this charge - I would like that credit applied to the Chicken Dinner - $9.99US which would work out to the $15.81CAN taxes in - (which was what I have been contemplating purchasing for the past few days).

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    I am deeply dissatisfied with the fact that I have been billed for something that I never ordered or selected to purchase. real estate Irving This is an unacceptable situation and I would like to be refunded for this charge. Please investigate this matter as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and understanding.

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