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Thread: The Lack of Notifications

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    The Lack of Notifications

    Dear developers. The game lacks many useful notifications that can save too many unnecessary tappings.

    1- UI - Guild Chat Buble: Red Dot for new guild messages. (Can even be numbers of unread messages.)

    2- UI - Guild: A Red Dot (or an applicant standing at door) for a new application.

    3- UI - Merchant: Red Dot (or a carriage near it) after every restock.

    4- UI - Gold Bar: Red Dot for avaible Midas purchase.

    5- UI - Stamina Bar: Red Dot for avaible Stamina purchase.

    6- UI - Time Rift and Trials: Red Dot (or the rift sparks and dummy shines) for avaible challenges.

    7- UI - Campaign: The current stage of the campaign like "7/5"

    8- UI - Crusade: A red dot (or a lantern on ship) for an avaible Campaign resets.

    9- Guild UI: Mercenary Camp: A Red Dot for hired mercenaries.

    10- Guild UI: Raid Instances: A Red Dot for unused Raid challenges.

    11- Guild UI: Top Players: A Red Dot for a Worship reward to claim.

    12- Heroes Panel: A Blue Dot for avaible Hero Stones on elite stages.

    My best regards.
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    Hey boss,

    Cool idea! Push!

    Please activate me at the clanpage. Same name as here, ingame iam Awesomes. ;-)

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