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Thread: Team Help:Would love some help from you lovely people!

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    Team Help:Would love some help from you lovely people!

    So hey! i started 2 days ago and i would love some help in setting up teams for Arena/Crusade/Campaigns
    I have read the other threads but additional input always helps!

    All your input is greatly appreciated yeah!


    Lightning Elemental


    Ice Mage
    Lightning Master


    Wind Master
    Leaves Shadow

    Cheers & Happy Summoning! (:

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    first of all you immediately need a well tank.

    admiral is the most worthless tank in the game. warchief is best alternate.

    my advice;

    tank (warchief,deadtknight or brute)
    Lightning Elemental (high damage)
    chaplain (best for crusade)

    and if you can buy old curse, dont stop. he is very good at arena, commando too
    and you should rise heroes stars..
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    For the time being, go with this:

    Front:Admiral, Lightning Elemental
    Middle: Emberstar or Ice Mage or Machinist
    Back:Leaves Shadow, Wind Master

    1) You will want to replace Admiral with Brute/Dark Knight/Shallows Keeper/War Chief as soon as you can. My advice is to start collecting Shallows Keeper's soul stones and evolve him to 2 star ASAP.

    2) Your middle lane is equally good but falls off late game (except Lightning Master will turn amazing late game but pointless before then). Whereas your back lane is solid throughout. That's why it's best to choose 1 according to your liking.

    3) Always keep your Chaplain up to date. You might not need her now, but you will later on.

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