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    Let's have gentlemen of ucool be gentlemen and say they will fix the startup bug I am from the server in Europe and it continues to come out a bug more in the classification another bug cannot be played you updated or ruined the game so that no one game you decide to easily make a communicating saying that we are going to make the game because we have a trial with blizzard that simple and they are not going to fix it tell the truth only asked for the truth that is all other games the same and they leave abandoned heroes arena is the best moba but it only lacks the proper maintenance so that it goes ahead that is all I believe and I have very little hope but I have it I know that they will fix it when they win the trial hopefully listen and read this message thank you.

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    I think that the moderators and administrators of the game will have to give a good solution to the bug of the whole game.

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    I really really need help! I have got this problem för almost 2 months maybe more... I beg you!! If you cant, please talk to someone who can.. pls..

    I have this really annoying problem and I see others has it also.

    When I play ranked, it takes 2-4min until the game (heroes arena) crash and says something like: the gametime is not syncronized with the game server please restart the game and try again”.

    I restart and it crash again, and again until the match is over...

    I play on a iphone XS with 50gb free space and everything is updated.

    I have tried evertything to make it Work but I cant fix it. I have spent atleast 500$ at this game and I really love it.


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