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Thread: Suggestion!!! Add a "Bubble Buster"!!!!

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    Cool Suggestion!!! Add a "Bubble Buster"!!!!

    Consider adding a bubble buster to this game.... You can spend 100 gems to bust someones bubble! More fun for players and................... MORE MONEY FOR EVONY !!!!

    Everyone would be happy

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    And then they could add anti-bubble-buster=bubbles!

    And then anti-bubble-buster-bubble bubble busters!

    The spiral can continue ever downward!

    Or not.

    While there are problems with porting alts that bubble up, this ain't the solution.

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    Smile at632

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    Troops are idiots

    The basic troops are really bad at the moment
    They walk past cannons and other things attacking them to go destroy something else when they should be attacking defensive structures
    either they need to be changed to prioritize defensive structures or we should have an ability to control them in battle

    Sorry for posting this here for some reason I can not open a new thread???? no idea why

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