I started AOV because HA stopped working for me and the devs are trash. My goal is to reach master/conquerer playing solo. In less than 1 week in AOV I already reached platinum by myself but literally every game all my teammates are trash talking me. Like even before the game starts they already calling me a troll for taking lubu jungle. Then when I go in the game and kill all the madafakas everyone reports me for stealing their jungle and farm and not staying in bot lane. What the fuck.. Can someone explain the meta to me? And please don't answer unless you are God tier in HA because if you can't even reach God you are braindead at MOBA. I soloed and reached GOD in both the EU and NA server in HA. Greatest NA player of all time, TOP 10 EU Player all time with shitty lag and still reached rank 1 when I actually played with team. And you guys can consider me retired in HA since my game don't work.