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Thread: Casino Spam

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    Casino Spam

    That anything over our basic winnings in Casino are spammed to all chat on all realms isn't of benefit to any of us.

    I don't want to see everyone's winnings, nor do I want everyone to see mine (including sometimes people in my own alliance), and I don't want to broadcast my online status to everyone in my realm.
    This is a significant game-changer - players are more likely to be pressured by their alliances ("just saw you win 5 teleports, you must move to Rome", or "I hear you won 10K gems, send 200 wiz to my War Hall NOW") by publishing information that was otherwise private, and that would make me less keen to use the casino.

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    I completely agree. It makes me want to turn off realm chat. All day yesterday I saw: Lord "no one gives a crap" won 5 name changes, etc.

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    As Dawnseeker has pointed out "Another wonderful development team vision" Like they give a crap what we have said in the forum. Would NOT want to have MOB RULE !

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