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Thread: Bubble city alt accounts

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    Bubble city alt accounts

    well I generally like the changes from Evony Age I to create a new gaming experience loosely based around the original Evony, it seems that the habits of those players have followed over to COE.

    a really crappy tactic that seems to be all the rage is creating alt accounts to be used as place holders. these are not serious accounts that are actually played, they are just placed on the map near reds to reduce their production, and then all the free gems are used to bubble the city for a week at a time, whereupon a new alt is created (yet another lord.3212345 alt!) and teleported in with a new 7 day bubble.

    to discourage this form of multi-accounting, my suggestion is that cities with bubbles up should not negatively impact the resource production of nearby cities.

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    Excellent idea.

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    I agree with your suggestion, what i can do is to convey it to our design team and let them decide if we can do it.
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    and/or could make teleporting removes map protection
    and/or a 2 to 24h cooldown for using map protection after teleporting

    this guy at 2,687,681 have been swapping map-protected alts since throne came out, the last 3 were:


    it is infuriating and there is no way to counter it

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    they already lose their bubble when telporting they must place it then bubble

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    Quote Originally Posted by <TEK>BluesLady View Post
    they already lose their bubble when telporting they must place it then bubble
    you are right, the guy just swapped to another alt, and it didn't have any bubble for about 1 min.
    For some reason when i jumped realm i kept my newbie bubble, but that was before realm change cost 1k gems.

    and yay they just put a new bubble alt next to me, named Lord.32212831

    Can't the "no bubble" timer be applied to the map spot too instead of only on the player? So they can't just swap in bubbled accounts for months into the same gold spot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch Notes
    * Cities in Golden City Spot will not be able to use Match protection or Map shield.
    thanks! it solved my problem.

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