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Thread: Fix the glitch on orders

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    Fix the glitch on orders & barracks...please

    This is getting very tiresome. I am unable to submit an order so I must refresh. After doing so, my rally spot is filled with 120 sabs. What the heck am I going to do with there things?

    Totally messed up my orders and my game play for the night.

    Good grief Evony why cant you fix this bug?


    Just tried it again, would not let me submit an order, so I refreshed.

    When I returned I had 190 sabs, all other units previously in Rally have been replaced by sabs.

    In addition the troops in my barracks had switched order in queue. So before refresh I had archers before sabs, when I returned I had sabs queued before archers.

    This glitch is a real pain. What the heck am I supposed to do with 190 sabs.

    This is now 2 orders I have missed out on today because of this. Cannot resubmit after refresh because my rally is filed with all sabs.

    Edit 3:

    Just resubmitted an order and it was refused. Im afraid to refresh. Anyone have any thoughts?

    I'd like to get some credits.....
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    Issue already submitted to developers.

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