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Thread: Can anybody help me to explain the "silence" status?

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    Can anybody help me to explain the "silence" status?

    Really, i'm frustrating right now since i recently bumped up Silencer like crazy but noticed that the Silence Status does not prevent the enemies to cast their skills at all
    For example, like the ultimate skills of Brute, Bear Warriors or Leaves Shadow, they can still cast it while being silenced? Is this some kind of bug or what, i just can't understand. And I'm sure that they are under Silence condition, the "!" mark over their head while they are casting their skills?
    Do i misunderstand anything about Silence skills ?
    P/S: Is silencer is a good hero to invest in? I quite regret right now since his silence skills can't stop those heroes to cast the ulti skills

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    Silence work only on magical skill.
    The one have phisical skill can cast they skill.
    Itīs like that in all game ^^,
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