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    Over the past few weeks, I've watched as my alliance and myself have been repeatedly attacked day after day (multiple times a day even) by the same small number of high level players. A level 24 stands no chance in getting revenge against a level 55. We are being cleaned out of our gold, influence, and goods to the point where we cannot advance. While I understand PvP is part of the game, this game is hardly fun to play when you cannot get enough resources to reach the high number needed for the higher level upgrades. Between matches (which are fine because they come with protection after you lose) and plundering, it's nearly impossible to hold enough of anything to upgrade anything when people 10, 20, and even 30 levels above you attack you repeatedly throughout the day.

    If the idea behind allowing this is that people will spend money to upgrade, I think you should look at the business model again. I play another online game and spend an average of $300 a month, but I refuse to spend money on this game because the balances are so out of whack that I am being prevented from advancing now. No online game is perfect and I have complaints about the one I do spend money on, but at least that game limits attacks to players within a short range of levels of each other and gives protection after attacks so you can rebuild, upgrade, and fight back. Most of my guild are talking about quitting because they cannot advance. Is this what this game is about? Players feeling so helpless they quit? This game has the potential to be incredible, but as of this moment, I'm leaning more towards quitting than sticking around to see how it grows. Why waste the time in trying when the resources I work for are taken before I can hold enough to use them for upgrades?

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    I think repeated attacks by larger players is not very fair.

    I know I try not to over do it. I attack each player in my range only once a day. That's how I want to play the game. I don't feel like its bullying, but fair game play. Unfortunately, others don't play that way.

    It is nearly impossible to advance when larger players clean you out over and over many times a day everyday. When a larger player sees any resources you can bet on multiple attacks until you are cleaned out.

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    That's a considerate way to play. The problem is my alliance is having is the level 56 comes through once a day and then a few others come in behind him and some of them attack more than once. Even if they each hit once a day (and some hit more), it would still account for an average of 3-5 attacks a day. In one day, I was attacked 5 times, but most days it's 3 times, which is more than enough to ensure I'm not saving up for the next upgrade of anything other than farm and gold mines.

    I'd like to see something along the lines of a sliding scale when it comes it to resources. The lower the level is that you attack, the less of their resources you get. Meanwhile, the higher the level you attack, the more of their resource total you get. Having something like that would encourage upgrading for attacking, discourage attacking those 30 levels below you repeatedly, and still allow attacking while not making the game completely hopeless for those of lower levels who are being set upon by higher levels each and every day.

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