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Thread: Chaplain first skill (Kindred)

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    Chaplain first skill (Kindred)

    Hi all,

    I couldn't figure out how works Chaplain first skill. It is Kidred --> Increases hitpoints by xxx in each wave.

    Chaplain is very usefull in Crusade but i need to know this skill mechanics.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Each time you use her ultimate (when her mana is full), she will heal all team 3 times (I saw 3 times, called waves), with some hp. The number of hp not exactly same as number shown on skill (often a little bit higher), I think it varies by her power, not sure how they calculate such number.

    Depend on how you use her, I'm not sure she is 'very' useful in Crusade. If your team is strong, not losing many hp, Chaplain seem useful. But when your team are losing, Chaplain heal won't help much.

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    I guess HP regen depends on magic power and the effect of "Pendant of the Quinnard"
    The text you see "increases hp by xxx point each wave" is the HP bonus per wave compare to that skill in lv 1
    Sorry for my bad English

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