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Thread: Simple questions .. plz help

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    Lightbulb Simple questions .. plz help

    Hello ..
    i just started the game and i have been playing for 4 days ... got level 33 ,, But i only have 7 heroes ...the basic 5 everyone have, 1from free box , 1 from soulstone(clerk) ... so first: 1-How should i collect stones to get heroes? cuz the only way i found till now is play the ELITE stage and sometimes i get no stones on the 3 attempts ... so how should i get stones and heroes in general ,,,
    2-Wht should i do with the diamonds? i mean the ideal use of it .. i only know u can use it for golden box and for stamina ... and i also dont know if it worth it or not .. so wht should i do best with them ,...

    and thanks in advance

    simple edit: One more question .. for an experienced player .. what should i spend my stamina on when i open the game ,,, i mean what are the priorities that will give me max benefit ..
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