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Thread: Server Migration Help (Official please)

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    Server Migration Help (Official please)

    Hello. When i first started this game i was on a server in the 100s i believe. I xfered a few months ago to server 18. Now the guild i transfered to is starting to implode and i found a guild with my friend that i want to xfer to but i cant xfer to anything higher than 18 even though i originally started a server way higher than 18, or even the server i want to transfer to. somewhere in the 70's. My friend and I started at the same time. He transfered to the new server (the same one i want to xfer to now) but he's allowed and im not? Is there any way i can get a work around for this please?

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    There was a time where you could return to your original server.

    But then some players kept switching servers and returning, which made some players complain and then making ucool to block that.

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    you can start a fresh account or look for a guild on server 18 or lower. but you wont be able to transfer up with your server 18 account.

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