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Thread: map shield question

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    map shield question

    just a simple question if u have a map shield and somebody revenges you is the map shield disabled for them only or can anyone attack you?

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    Map shield will protect you from all map battles, including map revenges.

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    not in my case as i have talked to ray on a ticket i submitted i also showed screenshots of everything i was in map shield and somehow lost it due to a player either revenging me or map hitting me. Several of my alliance mates can attest to this. Also i did not do a revenge myself only did campaines. i was in map shield and match shield and due to this error/glitch i lost over 3m gold 2.5m goods. Ray did after ticket going back and fourth credit me with 30 gems however all appreciated it comes nowhere close to what i lost. i also showed screenshots of the war reports andit can ewasily be sen that i did no revenge on anyone as this was what ray had thought i did at first to lose my shield. I am still waiting for a fair solution for me.

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