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Thread: Why Do I lose resources when Match player attacks me ?

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    Why Do I lose resources when Match player attacks me ?

    When a player attacks me not only do I lose resources and honor, If I don't attack them back I am my resources are penalized ?
    Match protection is the only time I can gather resources ( people can still plunder but not match people) why would I attack him back ?
    If we had something like a bank which a lot of people have asked for we could save at least some of our resources ?
    Black and red tiles are stupid and NO other game that I know of has them ?
    Your development team vision in this case seems ro have dropped the ball.

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    What do you mean by penalized? Yes, you do lose some resources (not all----unless you get attacked a lot). Umm, you can BUY DECORATIONS for something like a bank, but you only get half the price you bought them for. ... Black and red tiles DO make sense (argue over border, influence), not that anyone likes them unless it's their enemies'. The reason no other games have them is because there isn't a realm in the other games (i know, i play clash of clans AND castle clash).

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    Your influence and your production can get lowered by map hits only, not by matches.

    Collecting more ressources than your town can defend (i. e. make the attack not worth the effort) is risky. That is the idea of a war game, otherwise the game would be called sim city.

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