This thread is about sharing your synergies or ask whether a synergy would work or what heroes go well together with a particular hero. The most inportant thing is that aynergies are support by valid reasons and explained in a comprehensive way.

I have seen a lot of talk about Death Knight as tank. I currently use him as my main tank and can manage top 70 at less than 10k power. Ofcourse i choose my enemies carwfully and every strategy or synergy will have its counter.

So, my team is : sniper, commando, leaves shadow, lightning elemental and death knight.

My trick relates mainly to Death Coil, the second skill of DK. It can either heal for 1.5k ar lvl 40 or deal 2.7-3k dmg. I team up DK with sniper, leaves shadow and commando all high dps who are able to drop down the enemy tank faster than my DK's hp is dropping. This allows DK to deal the 3k dmg instead of healing. I personally love Commando, she starts up with a stun and a team buff. Secondly, sniper and leaves shadow both have single target dmg skills which deal a lot of dmg.Most of the time this is enough to get the enemy tank lower than my DK long enough for my Dk to deal the 3k dmg after qhich the enemy tank is nearly dead. After that my strategy is to take out the rest 4 heroes 1 by 1 along with my lightning elemental who deals crazy dmg.

Tell me what you think and feel free to post your strategies or ask for hero synergies.