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Thread: Gem mad

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    Gem mad

    does anyone else think this game is all about coining?

    to send a mail, 1 gem,
    to do a day speed up.. 50 gems.
    the list does go on.

    but to get gems its hard.. and you get very little for achievements, for example.. plunder 100m gold.. 2 gems.. win 5k battles .. 2 gems..

    and now you can buy some items with .. guess what .. gems.

    10k coins.. 4 gems.. almost $.50, 200 credits.. 10 gems is approx $1

    Ucool, can you please look at this, bring out items that will help people alot more and are abit more cost effective

    bring in a mail systems that doesnt cost gems ( all you have is people going to skype to mass talk which means less time for them in game).

    more cost effective items will tempt people to coin more., a win on both sides
    renew special packages more often, special deals tempt people to coin, a win for both sides.

    on age1 you get coins, and other items when you spend $30, on coe you get oh.. nothing for $30 .. you need to spend $45 to get 500gems.

    how ever if the special was there.. $30 would get you 500 gems, some food/gold and some credits. , surely this is a much better deal to tempt people to coin.

    please look into it.

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    yup, its all about coining.

    However you would have to be a fool to spend money on this broken game.

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    haha well ofc they are not charity lol they are businessmen men and they want money .... however they don't force you to coin you do that all by your self

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