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Thread: Wheel of Fortune

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    Wheel of Fortune

    I know on Age2 the wheel of mis-fortune is a joke.

    But why not bring a similar theme to this game?

    A daily free spin for logging in and a gem a spin for any subsequent spins!

    Got the potential to put some decent stuff on here now as we have an items tab.

    Also get some smaller peeps who have a few gems that cannot buy anything a chance to use the gems on the wheel or whatever name you would call it.

    Just a suggestion as I am sure you are busy sorting all the bugs out at the moment
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    Quote Originally Posted by <COE>SaintGrge View Post

    Just a suggestion as I am sure you are busy sorting all the bugs out at the moment
    OMG .. thats funny...

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    We have the daily assistant that randomly awards a teleporter, but we have only been able to hold three teleporters at any given time. Perhaps instead, the daily assistant could randomly offer different rewards, just like the wheel of fortune. Generals Scrolls, teleports, gems, shields etc.

    Up until this last change it was possible for a player to NOT spend a large amount of money and be able to compete. This last change has made that no longer possibile. Only players that coin will be able to use these changes. The prices for the items are not reasonable, lets get it back on track and remember that this is supposed to be a beta. Players are supposed to be testing things. Not paying large amounts of money. Focus on fixing the current issues and giving your players the tools they need to test these things.

    Reduce the prices or give the items out for free so you can have multiple players testing them to see what they break when used. Fewer and fewer players started in each realm. Many of those were accounts started by players already bored in their current realm. All realms have abandoned cities, each realm is dominated by the alliance that can spend the most. There is no realm to realm war possible. There is no longer the ability to move between realms to keep the game alive. The gold spots are pretty much decided by this point, the only thing left is to see who can buy the city of thrones. Once that is done, then what?

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