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    Problem to link a device

    I have the same problem of this post

    I have to transfer my gaming data from my ipod to my iphone.
    Actually GC on my ipod shows "never played" for every game i've played.
    How can i link my old account to the new account of my GC ID?

    Old Account (iOS) on my ipod
    Nickname : Azziti
    Team Level : 51
    Server Name : Boaz (35)
    Account ID : 5152109
    Game Center name:

    New Account (iOS) on my iphone
    Nickname : Zakky95
    Team Level : 1
    Server Name : Boaz (35)
    Account ID : 6698378

    Thanks in advance

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    Unhappy Can't log in

    Server: Commando

    Character Name: JizzNRun

    Account ID: (I dont know, cant login)

    Device(optional): Samsung Galaxy 4

    Estimate Time of Problem: Since 7pm yesterday

    Problem Detail: Can't login, error says "Login failed, please try again"

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    haven't got gem award after break record arena rank

    Server : 38

    Character Name: jocie

    Account ID: 6089068

    Device(optional): galaxy s4

    Estimate Time of Problem: 25 Desember 2014

    Problem Detail: i havent got my gem reward for break record arena rank since yesterday.
    please fix the problem.

    Thanks in advance
    Bravo UCOOL

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    Don't Receive Reward Of The Crusade & Go On Full 15/15

    Sever: 24 Ice Mage
    ID: 3729785
    Name ingame: oS2oBUDDY
    Time: At Night 26 December 2014
    Isuess: when i won 12/15 crusade, i didn't receive this reward in chest. So i also didn't go on to fight full 15/15. Please check my account and fix this isuess.

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    Server: S25

    Character Name: [VN].No.1

    Account ID: 3810355


    Game Center name:


    Estimate Time of Problem: 27/12/2014

    Problem : Can't get reward from quest Outland portal-Raged Blood, i saw a warning Task submission failed when i try to get reward.

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    Crusade bug

    Hi my character id:傳說の云
    Account id:1309583
    Server 3
    iPhone 5
    Problem: after clearing stage 14 of crusade it's does not proceed and keep on stuck at stage 14. Tried hitting it umpteen times. While my hero health and skill bar does proceed. Please check and assist.

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    Guild coin loss?

    Server:43 Kreln

    Character Name: SecurityMaint

    Account ID: 6202204


    Estimate Time of Problem: Past several days

    Problem Detail: I have been completing the daily raid events to receive 240 guild coins. I know I completed the event the last few days but I seem to only have 400 guild coins. Is there a way to verify if there is an issue with my account losing coins or checking my redemption (purchase) and accumulation history. I have not kept accurate records for this activity but suspect an issue.

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    Server: S50 Rinn
    Character Name: _XxDanielxX_
    Account ID: 7029833
    Game Center name:
    Device(optional):ip5s + bluestacks
    Estimate Time of Problem: 28/12/2014

    Problem: after clearing stage 6 of crusade, it's does not proceed and keep on stuck at stage 7. Tried hitting it many times but can't pass stage 7. However, my hero health and skill bar does proceed. Please check and assist.

    Thanks for supports !

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    Switch device

    Server(s): Karkad

    Character Name(s): Dreizo (vip9)
    Team Level: 59
    Account ID(s): Forget

    Device(s): ipad 4 to iphone 5S

    Estimate Time of Problem: 2 day ago

    Problem Detail: my ipad was broke 2 days ago, and i want to change device to iphone 5S, the problem is i just remember my character name and the server,
    my new id: 8285925
    character name: Dreizo
    server: Shalandar

    i'm start get desperated cos i hv reach vip9
    Please help me move my id from old device to new device ASAP

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    Please help me Link my Accounts, The Game Center status of my Heroes charge is "Neve

    Problem Detail:

    Please help me Link my Account, The Game Center status of my Heroes charge is "Never played".

    Please!I want to play on both Devices.

    When I go to work I have with me is my Iphone 3gs but when I am at home I am going to use my newly Bought Android Tablet just Because for Heroes Charge and also plan to buy Gems so that I can become VIP 7.

    I am using Iphone 3gs 5.1.1 ios right now and I want to link it to my new Android TABLET.

    Device: Iphone 3gs 5.1.1 ios

    Main accnt ID: 4758026
    Nickname: Cli2ri$
    TeAM LVL: 67
    Max Hero lvl: 67
    Server: 32 (Overseer)

    Device: Huawei Android Tablet

    ID: 8398636
    Team lvl: 1
    Max hero lvl: 10
    Server: 32 (Overseer)

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    Server : 52 :Corax
    Character Name : Saintluca
    Account ID : 7424332
    Device : note 8 samsung
    Estimate time of problem : 5-10 minute ago
    Problem detail : Fight Crusade third times in the same stage 12.stucked cant move to 13. please roll back it cause my soldier on low hp because fight it third times at stage 12. thx

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    I can't access to the game and play


    Character Name:takuma1201

    Account ID:

    Device(optional): iPhone 6

    Estimate Time of Problem: since 2,3 hours ago

    Problem Detail: since the time above, I can't access and play the game. I don't know the server because I can't enter it. My account name is "takuma1201", and I'm VIP 7, my team rank is 49. Please fix it and reply me.

    Thank you so much. I hope it's fixed as soon as possible

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    Lost my account. Please help restore it

    I lost my account after I accidentally click OK on the game centre alert and restarted from lvl 1 account.. Here's the old and new account details:

    Old Account ID(Or Character/Server): 8351342 / Pallathion

    New Account ID(Same Server with Old Account): 8718556 / Pallathion

    Please restore my account asap..

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    Day n4 lost account and nobody helpme :(

    Server : 50 : Rinn
    Character Name : Moncho lvl 46 vip 11
    Account ID : i dont know
    Estimate time of problem : 4 days ago
    Problem detail : Lost account when i sing in google plus.

    New acc server 50 Rinn
    Character Name nickname
    Account ID 8124748

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    lost coins and screen resolution

    Server: 41 kelos

    Character Name: fierce_07

    Account ID:5883977

    Device(optional): samsung tab 2

    Estimate Time of Problem:

    Problem Detail: my screen resolution is not full cant see my coins, stamina and gem. also have a question about mercenary camp i switched guild and did not get the commissions for my heroes its about 700k to 800k is there anything i can do to get it?

    here is a screenshot of my screen resolution

    Click image for larger version. 

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