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Thread: Wtf hacks hoooo my god!

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    Angry Wtf hacks hoooo my god!

    My God in heaven, I started playing the game a week and today the launch day 9/9 machinist and serves at the beginning of the game the top 50 PVP ta no cheating using all the logic level and how much they are strong in 4 hours of play all heros unlocked for almost everyone, was thinking of paying a VIP more after that so I was discouraged cheating! Here are the following links to where the damned are doing these shenanigans! Such a good and fun game is being destroyed because of people who are not content with the defeat of losing players because of the game as fun and good like yours, if by chance you can eliminate these HACKS I certainly iriei play and VIPS pay with great satisfaction here in this sequence links!

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    Dear Leader,
    Any cheating is not allowed in the game. Please give us the server and character(s) that suspicious for cheating. We will ban the account if we find it cheated ever.

    Best Regards

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