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Thread: End Battle Button

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    Lightbulb End Battle Button

    I suggest that the 'End Battle' button be moved. I have clicked it accidentally during Match when deploying troops as it is really in the top of the playing field. Since honor is a good thing, I think it would be kind of the programmers to move it further from the field. Thanks!

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    Hi Kell, we are aware that the End Battle button can be sometimes accidentally clicked when players are deploying troops. We will consider adding a "Confirm to End" step, or moving the button to somewhere else. Thanks for your feedback on this.

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    The confirmation sounds like a good solution. Location wouldn't really solve this. Thanks Raymond.

    One issue: I was in Google Chrome and used F11 to go to fullscreen mode. The button for ending battles is kind of hard to click because Google made it so that a friendly reminder to press F11 again shows up. I'll see if there's a way to disable to reminder, but might want to make the button slighty easier to click. To reproduce, just use Google Chrome's latest version.
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    Lightbulb Return Home Button (after Porting a City)

    On other hand, after successfully porting a city, can the Return button appear a little later after the card have been chosen?
    Players may accidentally click return before choosing the card.

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