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    Question invasion strategy

    hello im new here and i was wonderng if anyone had a really good strategy to get past invasion easiy as in like the defensies and all of that lol so does anyone have a good strategy i could use

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    You need at least a cannon level 6 and and level 5ish archer towers.

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    Save invasions for resources when you need them.

    The invasion goes after your town hall, nothing else.

    For invasion defense, put your town hall in a corner, this makes 1/2 the invasion travel a lot further spreading out the first rush.

    Wrap your town hall in at least two layers of wall. Place other walls to funnel the invaders to stabs and make them go extra distance.

    Place your defenses to maximize firing time on the invaders as they get to your town hall.

    Place stabs where the invaders stop to work on walls.

    If you are using spartacus, use the spells when the invasion troops cluster to break down walls.

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