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Thread: Efficiency attacks

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    Efficiency attacks

    Found that efficiencies of attacks to smaller opponents are highest, but those are limited by my general's energy (costing 10 energy per attack of max 100).
    When attacking opponents with TH 1 lvl lower than mine, I find easy to do, when attacking opponents with TH equal (and my General 5x TH lvl) the inefficiencies deteriorate significantly to negative. Only purpose remaining is to kick someone from his place and/or to gain experience.
    Anybody different views or experiences?

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    It depends on the ressources. If there are hundreds of thousands of coins available, even an attack on a significantly higher TH can be nice. You might "lose", but gaining xxx k coins is worth an attack.

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    Thanks a lot for the explanation! Now I know how to play with that

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    hey brian, this forum is very quiet, if you want some tips and hints for a new starter to this game pm me or look me up in adana

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