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Thread: Reasons why to join an alliance

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    Reasons why to join an alliance

    Why become member of an alliance/guild?
    • it increases the production of your mines and goods directly (see % in the left top corner of your screen)
    • it ensures that your neighboring alliance-colleague has no negative effect on your production
    -the same applies to all members of peaceful-alliances (if there is an effect it is shown as well in the top left corner)
    • it allows for colleagues to support you in speeding up building
    • when you support yourself, these supports can be turned into coins, goods and experience
    • you can profitably invest in ‘daily investment’ into the alliance.
    • If a colleague invest in a bigger investment, all members will be given a present in goods, coins and/or experience
    • your colleagues can reinforce you in the alliance castle. These reinforcements:
    o can be used in addition to the maximum number of troops in your rallye points to attack
    o will automatically be used for defending you against attacks
    o 3 of these reinforcements are necessary to obtain the daily teleport reward from the‘Assistant’
    • the mere fact that you are an alliance member will prevent members of peaceful alliances to attack you, the same usually applies to many other players, who see you are protected. On the other hand, it might also draw attacks from warring alliances of course.
    • if you have a neighbor that bothers you, it is very difficult to remove him by yourself, when a whole guild attacks him, it is much easier.
    • in practice it is virtually impossible for non-guild members to obtain a ‘gold’spot near a historic city. These ‘gold’spots offer daily bonus packages+ another 25-100% production increase (also in the top left corner).
    • any serious guild will spend time on educating new members. This is a good way to learn the ropes. Watch the ‘Alliance chat’-channel for this, and ask your questions there.

    What are the requirements?
    • Most alliances have a certain minimum experience level to enter
    • Most alliances require you to be active at least every x days (although in practice not all enforce it)
    • If you do not contribute (or reinforce) then apparently you have not understood the game (completely). Some guilds have requirements on that.
    • Any serious guild will deny membership to ‘guild-hoppers’ (Although there are guilds that allow anybody in to maintain their size. From other games I know that these guilds usually do not survive long.) It generally is acceptable to ‘upgrade’ on guilds: if you are new and not yet in the acceptable experience level, it makes sense to join an alliance, any alliance. After you have gained some experience, you might have ‘outgrown’ the alliance and switch to a bigger/higher one.

    Oh, yes, and "Fire blaster" might be looking for additional active(!) members, of course.

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    Reasons why to join an alliance

    I have made a new guild on Love of Freyja Server in the Forest realm called CIMMERIA.

    I welcome all newbies,outcasts from other guilds,and warmongers. Anything is acceptable.

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