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Thread: Replay not working properly

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    Replay not working properly

    When I get defeated in match play I try to watch the replay to see where I can make changes to my city for the next invasion. The replay shows a few of the troops being deployed but doesn't show what buildings are being hit and destroyed. at the end of the replay all attacking troops are still outside my walls and no buildings have been destroyed but I've seen the coins and goods flying out of buildings that don't show troops being attacked. I can't learn anything from the replay. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    I have the same problem, it appeared (or got more frequent as in 100% of the time) after some patch, don't remember which one.

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    Yes and the problem has been before Cloepatra's voiceover ? Ucool spends your money on its strong development voice (from another answer). Dont' spend anymore money and keep complaining. I asked for a survey of all the problems we want fixed but that is mob rule ?

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