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Thread: Name Change ?

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    Name Change ?

    I am fairly new to this but i have not been able to talk in chats or mails because it tells me i need to create a name first. I have never done this and its asking for 200 gems i dont have ? I will be quitting this game sad it looks like fun but i cant play if i cant talk to anyone on here. Seems like a game full of bugs to me. Will you fix this problem for me Evony people ?

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    The problem is when they switched from having this data stored as an internal flag to having it as an item in your inventory. Anyone who made an account BEFORE they converted to name changes would be screwed afterwards if they hadn't already selected a name. For some reason, they didn't give the people who had not chosen a name the item, unlike how they gave everyone an equal number of teleporters that they previously held before the system conversion.

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    how hard

    i have seen this problem , how hard would it be just to give all unnamed players a free name-change if they already don't have one , this problem may affect possibly thousands of accounts across the servers

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