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Thread: Troops on the ground !!!

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    Troops on the ground !!!

    This morning during 2 match sessions I was attacked by ground troops coming out of the opponents Alliance castle !! This does not startle me as it is about time we could store troops in there to repel assaults. what I need to know is when are you going to allow Me the player to select what troops are placed in there to defend my city.
    Currently when a person asks for reinforcements he receives the high space consuming troops armored grunt or wizard usually and a couple of round outs to match 10 or whatever spaces you are filling.
    before I log off for the night or whatever if my castle is empty I should have the option to place my select troops into the castle for defense. I do not see an armored grunt chasing anything around to attempt to repel them.

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    I agree with you and I think we should be able to hire defensive and offensive units.
    The units in the castle has to be lamest thing for defensive I have ever seen.
    If the makers of this game had bothered to ask us what we wanted via a survey(hey there is a good use for a survey ?)

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