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Thread: Move the bloody suspended accounts

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    Move the bloody suspended accounts

    Hey Ucool, you bunch of morons - you have suspended accounts which are sitting in throne city but we cant attack them so as to move them. If the accounts have been suspended why not move them to the outer part of the maps and give us a chance to move into throne city.

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    no one cares vijayjay

    what you have to say, LOL.

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    Cannot move them while they are suspended.
    If the account has done nothing wrong why should they be further punished.
    Also if the account is then un-suspended because UCool messed up in the first place and were subsequently moved, Would they get there spot back? Especially if someone has now claimed that spot.
    However i agree it can be annoying, that a gold spot is going to waste or if conflicts with neighboring Cities.
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    dont moved suspended cities

    ucool has very poor people in their accounting dept that cliam did chargebacks when they didnt there are also people that were hacked. time must be given to get things sorted out. uncool makes no effort to answer why people get suspended and paypal is about useless untill you get the fraud dept. dont know how the credit card companies but i know it takes a lot of time to sort out things even when you have done nothing wrong

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