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    Hi guys, could be possible for you guys to implement a market where users could exchange, sale or buy stuff from each other? I have things like scrolls or realm transporters I don't need and I know I wont use, not now or in the future and probably somebody could use them. I think that will be great.

    For your consideration to this issue, thanks in advance.

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    This idea, while novel, has been suggested since early in closed beta. If they even were working on it at any point in the development of this game up until now, they've given no hints to this fact, beyond saying they were thinking of such a system. I'm willing to bet even if they were to add this to the game, the first iteration of it would be easily abused for hiding or cloning resources because they would forget to have a check in place during attacks to see if there are pending trades that can be cancelled as it does in Age I if you have resources in the market. It will take those resources when you are attacked, but will NOT show those resources in a scout report. Besides that, there would have to be another resource added to the game as a universal currency so you could sell one to buy the other. This would complicate things considerably and something would have to generate this third resource, as well as make it plunderable, and then there's the problem of the gold/goods pricing that would inevitably be unbalanced and chances are, the third resource would be limited to a storage bin as well.

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    very interesting for me

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