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Thread: 65 troop slots, 45 filled, and Rally spot full??

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    65 troop slots, 45 filled, and Rally spot full??

    Hello, this has been happening for a while now, and I've upgraded my Rally Spot in order to try to stop this issue from happening. However, it seems to be an issue with the game, or am I not adding correctly?

    When I click the two Rally Spots, it shows the same capacity, and it is "FULL" on the screen, so I'd automatically assume that it has 65 troops.


    I'm also unsure of how to file a ticket, and if I need to, I'd like someone to tell me how. I can't quite find it on the site, but I must be looking in the wrong place.

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    Hello, some troops take more than one housing space. Taking the Grunt as an example, it takes 4 space. And you can click the support button under chat channel and contact Evony Customer Support. Thank you.

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    Oh lord. Thank you, that makes more sense. I appreciate it.

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