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  1. Anzac guild almost ready for raiding

    Hey guy looking for more active members.
    New Zealand and Australian players welcome.
    Almost unlocked raids so good Time to get in guild.
  2. I hear what your saying but these characters are...

    I hear what your saying but these characters are the best I have at the moment. Just wanted to see whether its worthwhile lvling and gearing up these guys if I'm just gna ditch them later
  3. Question about armour reduction stacking?

    I was wondering if armour reduction stacks from different heroes
    I'm using 2 tanks with armour reduction. Savage one and Shallows keeper.
    Also when my shadow shaman hits purple he also has a armour...
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    Server capacity

    Just wondering what the numbers on each server are?
    Have started a nz/Aus guild on server 13 shaman but nt sure if I will ever fill it because of low server numbers.
    Any information would be great...
  5. 14212: English speaking guild

    Any English speaking people with any ties to NZ or Aus welcome to guild.
    South Pacific countries, come join us.

    Guild Anzac : 14212
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    Server capacity

    just curious to how many players a server holds.

    have started a new zealand australia guild on shaman server.

    but wondering how much luck i am going to have finding anzac players on a small...
  7. Australian/New Zealand guild. Server 13 - shaman

    Anzac guild is recruiting all kiwis and ozzies for our new guild.
    Guild Id 14212

    See you there
  8. Server 13-shaman. Possible Anzac guild forming.

    Calling NZ and Aus players.
    Thinking of starting a Guild on shaman sever. Plz post if you are on server 13 from nz and oz and keen on starting up a Anzac guild
  9. What is guild id number

    What is guild id number
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