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  1. I use Non-HD version.

    I use Non-HD version.
  2. The problem with the entrance to the test server.

    Hello! I have a problem with logging into the test server. From the device ASUS Zenfone ZC451TG all works well, but here's the device Prestigio Grace 3157 3G is this: Change server -> Test server ->...
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    My ID: 1318838 My nickname: [PR] Grisha My...

    My ID: 1318838
    My nickname: [PR] Grisha
    My server: 4 Chaplain
    My level: 89
    If that does not help, could you release some patch / update / fix of this error in the Play Market? Thank you. :)
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    Critical crash, application closing.

    Hello. For about two years I can not go into the game Heroes Charge, namely from version 2.0. This problem is not my only one judging by the reviews in the Play Market. Device: ASUS MeMo Pad FHD 10...
  5. Thread: test server

    by GPR

    Hello. I would very much like to access the test...

    Hello. I would very much like to access the test server. Can I have access, please? It's free? And how to get on the test server? Thank you. :)
    My ID: 1318838
    My Nickname: [PR]Grisha
    My Server: 4...
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