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  1. same in other maps

    It happens to me on Ch. IV - The Flooded Cavern & Elite Ch. III - Taking the Helm, when I reach the 3rd screen of the battle it kicks me out to the map and counts the fight as a loss... Its really...
  2. The paradox

    Today's crusade stopped at wave 14 for me... The weirdest fight was on wave 13, where i was facing myself, so either way you put it i was going to win and lose at the same time. And i did put up a...
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    I opened my free gold box this morning and got...

    I opened my free gold box this morning and got executioner (30 stones). No heroes from free bronze chests, but i cant complain...
  4. I just beat the crusade today for the first time...

    I just beat the crusade today for the first time since v1.2 was released. I'm in server 5, team level 55 and was ranked 61 in arena at the time i started the crusade (at arena reset i was ranked 59)....
  5. monthly card

    Actually, they didn't reimburse anyone for the monthly card, they simply paid in advance the amount of gems due until the expiration day of the card and allowed players to buy a new at the new price....
  6. War Chief can do the job

    I just got my Brute in today's crusade (didn't upgrade his skills and stuff yet) and I'm a couple of days away from getting my DK from arena rewards... but I'm not pumped anymore cause today my WC...
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    War Chief

    I think his revival skill is triggered as long as there is at least one more member of his team alive (at the moment his purple skill would trigger). If that is correct, I would use a second tank in...
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    Crusade is fun for me

    I can't agree with your statement... I only spent $4.99 on a monthly card til now, and for the past 5-6 days I manage to clear all crusade stages with the help of 1 DK employed (3* blue+2 at lvl 49,...
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    server 5 - sniper

    I also went for the monthly card and will renew it every month. I dont really care about ranks, i'm just spending enough to make me enjoy the game and somehow support the developers...
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    not too pumped about brute

    To be honest I currently manage to do fairly ok in the arena with an War Chief, but i'm looking forward to getting my DK rather that Brute. And even if my WC dies before opponents Brutes, my Wind...
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    Great news

    Well this update might need to come with a new diamond sale, cause i'm pretty sure people will be willing to spend some $ to improve for guild raids... :rolleyes:
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    non vip?

    How can you tell if a player is vip or non-vip? i'm still a noob in this game and that is something i was trying to figure out, but couldn't...
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    Sticky: Today's Crusade

    Today was the first time I actually finished the crusade, winning all 15 stages. Use to be able to clear only 2-3 of them, but for some reason, this time I only faced really weak opponents; that got...
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